Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My mind is racing,
my heart keeps stopping.
I'm gripping the edge,
but I keep dropping.
And for a moment,
I can't feel a thing.

I'm flashing back
to lost memories.
I skipped ahead
and found you and me.
And like a film
we both faded to black.

But what happened there
will stay in my heart.
Another day,
and we were falling apart.
Sometimes it's hard to dream
of what could have been.

You held me close,
then you drifted away.
Somehow I found
there was nothing to say.
I'm tripping over words
that lie on the ground.

The voice of an angel
keeps calling me.
I close my eyes,
but it's you I see.
Heaven above is closer
than they'd think.

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