Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Final Act

I was on my way home towards Bridgeport. Nature’s Classroom was wonderful. But you can only have so much fun outdoors in a true forest. Even though building shelters out of branches and cooking homemade honey buns over a campfire was fun, but without him being there caused me worry. I’d always think about him, wondering if he was thinking of me. I’d be scolding myself for not kissing him goodbye like I promised myself I would. It’s been two days since I’ve seen him. The bus is shaking. I’ve talked about him to my best friend Emma so much. I bet she’s about ready to strangle me if I mention him again. I kept wondering would he be there waiting or stay home like he told Emma.

I’m getting dizzy just thinking about seeing him again. The thought of him brings butterflies to my stomach and it’s like a light shines from within. We got off the bus my body is anxious to go inside the school. I walk down the familiar hallway towards my homeroom. I step inside the empty room and lay my duffel bag on the floor.

I walk towards his homeroom to see if he’s there. The room is completely empty except for the Language Arts teacher. Suddenly out in the hallway my friend Victoria comes out from the eighth grade classroom. I run at her and tackle her with a hug. She wasn’t able to come with us because of her leg injury. I smile at her and ask, “Is he here?”

“Who?” she asks with a wide grin on her face “Oh, you’re boyfriend? Oh, yeah. He’s right here.”

Immediately I jump up and down like a little kid about to get candy. I smile exuberantly and nearly fall over from excitement. Then he comes out of the class. His hair falling just below his ears it’s unnatural color as vibrant as ever. I almost tear up at how handsome he looks.

I smile at him he smiles back. His smile digs deep into my soul making the deepest darkest pits bright with light. Suddenly I notice a swarm of girls around him almost like he’s a rock star and they’re his loving fans. My face emerges with jealousy. All of the girls hold their arms out waiting for hugs they yell unison “We missed you! It was so boring at Nature’s Classroom without you!” I frown knowing they only want to have a guy of his wonderful nature embrace one of them.

No one has missed him as much as I have. I wait for him to hug them so I can give him the best hug of all. But, surprisingly he finds me in the crowd and walks towards me. I’m still dazed he found me because I’m so short. He embraces me with his strong arms and I smile comfortably and want him to hold me till I fall asleep in his safe grasp.

But, seeing the large crowd of girls around us, he lets go and smiles at me. I walk away to go to another classroom so that the sight of him hugging other girls doesn’t let out the little green monster inside me. I waited about five minutes thinking that that’s long enough I walk towards him with my other friend Emma. They’re casually talking. I clutch the duct tape wallet I had made for him at Nature’s Classroom. Our teachers stand right outside their classroom doors like guards to a kingdom. I hand him the wallet and I smile flirtatiously. A sudden idea pops into my head. Then I looked at the teachers and made sure they weren’t looking.

I place my arm on his shoulder at an awkward angle our height differences yet again interfering. Without thinking I, kiss him. My lips confused at what to do I simply plant one on him. I pull away surprised at what I’ve just had the courage to do. I kissed him on the chin; how wonderful. I wasn’t smart enough to go on my tippy toes. I laugh quietly and walk away embarrassed. My classmates around me are probably, staring in awe asking themselves, “Did Mara Kate really just kiss him?” I look back and see his face taken aback, still trying to figure out what happened. I walk down the hallway with my duffel bag towards the exit I’m ready to go.

I’ve said my proper goodbyes.


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Maria said...

I love Nature's Classroom! A week in the woods is so awesome, even if it rains so much you forget what dry socks feel like.

This took a lot of courage and grace, I can see... But why is this your "final act"? The story would suggest a happy ending, except for the part about saying your proper goodbyes and the title, not to mention Bela's all-caps comment which would suggest some drama. It's interesting to note that Bela's higher power is hyper. :)

Don't worry, short people rule! :)

Mara Kate said...

lol idk why i chose final act as the title it suited the piece at the time. and no this is not about matt who the hell is matt idk who matt is this is about EDWARD!!!

Maddie said...

mara i love it, and bela is a little off i think. matt is noodle's. so that is why she sounds so confusing. nature's classroom is amazing. i miss it soooooooooo much.