Friday, September 12, 2008

They Will Come Together

He lies on the floor and he says why?
He lies on the floor when his girlfriend cries.
When the mamas don’t come home and the daddies go to work early.
He lies on the floor and he tries to think,
And she says why?

She says why?
Why do you leave when the times get heavy?
Why am I always on my own?
And she gets down and she prays to the God she tries to trust.
And what does he say?
He says nothing.

He says nothing?
Nothing when all he can do is watch,
Watch as the world of a friend seems to fall apart.
No way to look for help and no one to go to.
And he watches and wants to go back,
Back to the innocence he once knew.
And then they’ll join.

They join,
And the world comes together and all the pain is undone.
They love, and in a heartbeat they feel wanted.
So there’s peace and all it took was a word.
One word, and you can take it all back.

Help, and that they do.
Love, and then they think.
Trust, and there will be love.
Peace, and the world will live on.

1 comment:

Gina said...

The Intensity is back!

Cool poem, interesting structure, I especially like the summed-up ending.

Grammatical issue: you don't need apostrophes in "the mamas/the daddies."

Great poem though. I really enjoyed how the end of one stanza provided a basis to jump off of for the next one. Good idea.