Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'll be there for you.
Through all the misery,
I'll be there.
And remember me
through the days that pass.

Remember the time
we spent together.
The bronze of Autumn,
the white of Winter.
And how we almost
made it through,
past the scarlet of Spring.

And remember each day
we had shared.
Our first smile,
our first laugh.
The first tear
that slid down my cheek.
And the first heartbreak
that separated us.

But don't give up
the memories we keep.
The pull we each felt
every day, every night.
The pull that sent us spiraling
back to thoughts of each other.

Remember me through it all,
I'll always remember you.
Every minute of every moment.
Every day of each season.
And every second of every feeling
I ever felt for you.


Maria said...

I wonder if this particular TLMM is real or if he's just a fictional TLMM. I wonder what the "scarlet of spring" is. Bloodshed?

When the anthology came in the mail I was so happy! And we saw Marta today, too, and we had been talking to her about how we were looking forward to getting it in the mail... :)!

Bela said...

Nope, it's the REAL TLMM. No bloodshed...but interesting guess :) Actually, it could represent that event, metaphorically speaking.

I'm so happy it came! Most of my poems weren't printed, but I guess I forgot to turn them in. me absentminded, if you must.