Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Regarding Your Jeans

I tried to stop myself, I really did try

but the water was so inviting

and the air was so humid

and I knew they were your jeans

that you had bought just

two weeks ago from our

favorite store

and I think most of the

saltwater smell will come out

in the wash. I’m sorry.

Next time

you should jump in with me.


Anonymous said...

I like it but i think it was kind of confusing cause at first i didn't understand were or why you jumped in the water until the end

Anonymous said...

Ilke it because you told where you got your jeans from an when yo got them

Goku98 said...

your story was great and a little funny and i will send more comments

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a nice post, i like it very much.

Smita said...

this was quiet a poetry ;) hehehe
just blogwalking :)