Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dearest springtime… you are the sweetest of the seasons.
Your unmatched charm is simply out of reason.
Winter’s impassive skies and blank pages,
Become your colorful lively stages.
Adorned with blooming buds and ivy.
Pink cherry blossoms peek out from under their chilled beds.
Their contagious cheerfulness quite widespread.
Tweet, tweet! The sweet sound of music pierces the winter silence.
Furry head huddle in the twigs above.
Chirping to their heart’s content.
Your smiles of sunshine
Thaw the frozen seal around our hearts
And the bubbly brooks and coursing streams.
You free the earth from her inescapable prison
You awaken us from our tremulous slumber.
Enlighten us with your mystery and magic
A living miracle- the steadfast patient,
Who conquered the horrors of cancer.
Emerge! An unwavering ray of hope.
Your green leaves come to life,
Bursting with fruitful passion.
Daffodils, roses, and tulips,
Sprout in an orderly fashion.
Relish in the sun’s gentle kiss.
Waltz with delightful, friendly breezes.
A colorful array in spotlight.
Laughter once again fills the streets,
Of children rejoicing merrily in your arrival.
Dew drops dazzle in the early dawn.
A display of diamonds on the front lawn.
Pit, patter, pat. Your warm, refreshing rains,
Wash away winter’s sorrow and suffering.
Cleanse our tear-stricken faces.
Send mud oozing between out toes.
Erase our mistakes and sorrows.
Friendships are reborn; walls of hate are torn.
Oh spring… you are indeed,
A blessing in disguise.
An unrivaled beauty.
A light in winter’s darkness.
Whose mercy and benevolence,
Have rescued us from the clutches,
Immovable claws of an eternal cold.
May you continue to shelter us,
In your harbor of paradise.

1 comment:

Gina said...

What really stood out for me when I first read this one is the image comparing "Winter's...blank pages" and spring's "colorful lively stages". It shows the potential that is such an important part of spring for me. Thank you :)