Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letting Go

This is my attempt at a ballad. Any comments would be helpful:)

Your words tonight are strangling me; I can barely breathe. (A)
Running circles around my head over and over again; (B)
Always dictating who I should be. It’s making me seethe(A)
You’ve crossed the line. I can’t remain trapped in this lion's den. (B)

Maybe one day you’ll wake up, you’ll finally understand. (C)
That there was something more to us, but you left me in quicksand. (C)
So I had to move on, before you turned me into a wasteland. (C)

I’ve packed my bags; I’m running out the door. (D)
Your begging and pleading doesn’t mean anything anymore. (D)
Life is just too short to be wasted with you. (E)
I won’t look back. Our goodbye is long past due. (E)

I’ve hit the highway baby, but who knows where I’ll go? (F)
Hey, what does it matter? I’m free at last! (G)
For the first time I’m smiling, singing along with the radio. (F)
Because you, sweet Romeo, are nothing but a forgotten past. (G)

1 comment:

Gina said...

This is a great rallying, girl-power sort of ballad :) May I ask why you have the rhyme scheme inside the poem? It's just really distracting for me, I don't know why.