Monday, December 1, 2008

The Old Married Couple Routine

Did you switch that gym class?
Are doing of in science?
Hun what day is it tomorrow?
Are you listening to me Filipe?
What are we doing this weekend?
Can You help me with Spanish?
Where'd you go?

Question which are meaningless.
No meat no matter.
What have we turned into?
Stay up late, no one cares.
When the morning comes it's just Come on, get up Hun.
And then you realize that this is what it's turned into.
Just to “Hello love, how was you day? How was work?”
The Old Married Couple Routine.

So you stop, and you say “Hey, you remember that time...”
That time we stayed up all night long, that time we watched the sun rise.
And hey maybe this is what life is, an actual conversation.
But how many times does that really happen?
Cuz we're all so busy, and so stressed.
And all our life is is yelling and fighting, and we lose sight of what we loved.

So you fight, and it's all just play.
But the Old Married Couple Routine gives it away.
And yeah the movies, they're real nice.
But is that really anything?
No. Just the fluff in your sandwich.
So you say, “Hey. Lets get away.”
“Let's go to a place we can really call home.”
“Where the people don't care cuz they don't seem to know.”
But the old routine just grows new in time.
And you realize what love really is.

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