Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Story + Lessons of Life.

"My one and only Edward the one who would go online to talk to me and the who who if you challenged him he would do it. Well yes so I was reading this book and every time i read his name my heart skipped a beat. I thought of little hearts and my stomach lurched violently. His name was music to my ears everytime I heard it I'd turn looking for him. His lips, smile, and personality called out to me in a harmonic unison his unruly blue hair clashin with that unison violently making it beautiful. The way I'd look at him you could immeidietly tell that i liked him. But, it seemed that he didn't even like me at all. He said he did but i still couldnt believe."

- excerpt from my love story that's just the beginning =)

Hey I have a long love story and lessons of life on my page

check it out and comment evrything plz =)

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