Monday, November 17, 2008

Overload/Mental Fermentation

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-------------BRAIN OVERLOAD-------------

When there is oxygen present in a cell, it goes through a process called cellular respiration in order to give the body energy in the form of adenine triphosphate, or ATP. When oxygen is not present in the cell, it is forced to go through a process called fermentation instead. The two kinds of fermentation are lactic acid fermentation and alcohol fermentation. These days it seems like fermentation would be a good metaphor for my life. Work has used up all my good energy and now I'm running on empty. This gives my life a leg cramp, forcing me to stop something or eventually fall over hard. This means I have to sacrifice some of the stuff I would love to be doing to complete homework assignments and the like. While this sacrifice is unwanted, it allows oxygen to flow back into the used areas of the life and function normally.


Bela said...

Huh. Interesting...I love it! So unique, so daring! Brilliant!

Gina said...

This piece is daring?

Ideally, this would be read out loud by several people at once, all starting at different places in the text and going back to the beginning until someone reads the middle part in a robotic voice, and a calm female voice at the ending section.

Ashley Intensity said...

Amazing. One word. Love. Ok two words must be given for the style of this poem.