Monday, November 24, 2008

Held Down

I held on as long as I could,
but you kept pulling me down.
I cried out for you to set me free.
But I never moved from the ground.

And now I have fallen,
I'm farther back than before.
There's no place for me here,
I'm not wanted anymore.

Do you really know me?
Will you apologize, let me go?
If you cry me a river from above,
I'll try not to drown from below.

But you don't know me,
you don't wear these chains.
And you'll never know me,
you'll never feel my pain.

Tell yourself you're helping me,
that it's all for the best.
Tell me that I should love you,
that I should feel blessed.

It's hard to tell,
are you lost in all your lies?
Maybe soon you'll remember
why it's you I despise.

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