Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pretty Little Girl

Oh Pretty Little Girl
You were so young
Beauty hit you with a hurl
Every boy shivered when stung

Oh Pretty Little Girl
Where has your smile gone?
When he held you down
Was there something you could've done?

Oh Pretty Little girl
He was the wrong guy to run for
Now that your on his bed
He won't let you stand on the floor

Oh Pretty Little Girl
You were blessed with looks
But there are bad men out there
And so you're burdened with crooks

Oh Pretty Little Girl
Do not do this
It's not worth dieing for
Do you feel the numbness?

Oh Pretty Little Girl
I know there's too much lust
You can't just go away
And turn it all to dust

Oh Pretty Little Girl
There's nothing to say
Into death you will whirl
I'm sorroy you couldn't stay
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
That they made you go away


Gina said...

a bit randomly depressing- why does the girl have to die? i need clarification...

Maddie said...

i agree with gina but it's still really good.

Maria said...

Quite the sick (in all senses of the word) little love song!

It creeps me out a bit, to be honest, but I guess that's the point. *hides in the closet where nobody can find her*

Bela said...

Oh..My...God. THIS IS FABULOUS!!! I love the use of repetition and imagery here. It's amazing!!! Don't you dare stop writing!!!

Gina said...

*until they open the CLOSET... CLOSET... closet...*