Monday, October 26, 2009

Truth & Lies

This is all so
One minute
You seem to love me
The next
You don't
I wish you would tell me
What was bothering you
Or at least the truth
Don't lie to me
I hate that
I can see right through you
I can read you
Like an open book
I know there is something
You're not telling me
Something that would put
All the pieces
Of the puzzle together
Then at last
I could rest in peace
And happiness
And joy
I won't hate you
Or think bad of you
If you just tell me the truth
You're crushing me
Suffocating me
Making my love for you
So please
If you love me
Don't lie
Just tell me the truth


Mani said...

good one!!

Goku98 said...

I reallly like your story and will he ever tell you the truth