Tuesday, August 11, 2009


i miss those days.
the ones with lightning bugs and old glass jars
when i played snake on my mom's nokia cell phone
and little kids still would wear overalls.

i miss those times when disney was classic
the times when TV shows didn't let kissing be a normal occurrence
and the movies were classics
animations a new creation.

i miss those nights
when stars were gazed upon
when the music genre loved was pop!
and i didn't feel safe without a night light to sleep.

i miss the times
where life could stay simple
where technology didn't seem insane
where i always loved my family
and drama wasn't so insane/

i miss the heart
in people
the smiles people used to wear
i miss hope and chance
i miss the imagination i once had.

i miss a lot....
but the generations now miss more.

1 comment:

Kenzie/Noodle said...

hey i think you should change the sentence "and the movies were classics" because you sort of say the same thing with the disney stuff and i don't think it flows...just saying. i luv the overalls part and the star part and the ending. It's a great poem good job.