Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tornado of Night - BY MY BROTHER, MAURI!

It was the night
when the trees weren't still.
The wind kicked against them,
like a rampaging bull.
Crying clouds and the twisting wind,
grabbing all, leaving none.

Screams were heard,
miles and miles away.
And that twisting wind,
whispering harshly,
"It's not over yet,
it has yet to begin."

The ground split,
a hole formed.
The wind whipped all
into that gaping hole,
sparing none.
It was a garbage can,
and everything was trash.

And then the twisting winds
roared towards the sky.
And the hole dug deeper and deeper
into the ground.
And the cries of all could be heard,
while the wind bellowed.

"We have taken too many lives,
but they are not gone forever.
They are in heaven now,
now and forevermore."
Yet the wind had mercy,
and the voice seemed to fade.
Gone for now,
but not forever.

1 comment:

Gina said...

Does Mauri read his sister's poetry?

And is he a younger broher?